Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers

I don’t know about you but every year I get over winter about halfway through January. P and I spend much of our time outside when the weather is nice. Because of these frigid temperatures, we have been feeling rather cooped up. As a result, we have been attempting to fill our days with some fun so we don’t go completely nuts. So, eventually we decided that we would go shopping for some fun new craft supplies and create some colorful Valentine’s crafts.

Some great ideas for Valentine’s crafts to do with your kiddos

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Valentine’s Crafts: Craft #1 – Valentine’s Cards

The first of the Valentine’s crafts that P and I did was to make some cards. I’m big on having her periodically send out cards and thank you notes. I think it’s a great opportunity to for learning and a great way to make someone’s day.

For the cards, I just cut them out of card stock and made some simple envelopes for them to go in. P decided how she wanted to decorate them all on her own.

I like to provide a huge variety of stickers, paints, pens, glitter, etc. and just let her do her thing.

I got a ton of supplies for these Valentine’s crafts at the dollar store. (Like a TON, you guys! It was AWESOME!)

She also just got a bunch of new paint with various paintbrushes that she was excited to use. We used these Crayola paints. I love how washable they are! I also got her a variety pack of paintbrushes like these. She likes getting to pick what she wants to paint with and I love seeing her developing such great fine motor skills!

Toddler painting Valentine’s Card Craft with a variety of brushes and sponges

I made some heart stamps out of sponges and some clothspins to add into the mix as well. I’d say she was well set up to decorate to her heart’s content.

3 Valentine’s Cards in the process of being made. They are surrounded by a variety of stickers, gems and other craft supplies.

On the inside of the cards, I had her add a heart that said I love you.

She also stamped her name inside – something she’s been doing to sign cards since she was very small.

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to have them stamp or write their own message inside the cards.

I think this Valentine’s craft turned out pretty cute. I can’t wait to have her send these little cards out!

Finished Valentine’s cards with paint, stickers and heart gems. Inside of card has a cutout heart with “I luv U” stamped on it.

Valentine’s Crafts: Craft #2 – Conversation Hearts

Assorted heart shaped doilies painted in different colors as a Valentine’s Craft for Toddlers

The next set of Valentine’s crafts that P created were these conversation hearts. Well, they have the potential to be conversation hearts! If your child is old enough, have them stamp some of the traditional phrases on the front for a variation this cute craft!

P had a lot of fun painting these heart shaped doilies with her new paint brushes.

Painting is a perfect prewriting activity for toddlers!

I just love seeing kids inadvertently learning while they’re having fun!

Toddler painting heart shaped doilies

I started by just giving her a few colors but she wanted “all of them!” I was happy to oblige.

P loved hanging these hearts all over the walls!

Valentine’s Crafts: Craft #3 – “Door Heart”

After finishing the doilies Valentine’s craft, P decided that she needed to decorate a heart for her bedroom door. The Christmas tree she made was still hanging there and it was time to take it down.

I simply cut a heart out of construction paper and let her decorate it however she wanted. Such a simple thing but she really enjoys decorating her door for the various holidays.

Finished door decoration toddler Valentine’s craft on door

She loves creating things and giving them her own bit of flair! As her momma, I love seeing how proud she is to show her daddy when he gets home from work.

Toddler decorating large pink paper heart with paint, stickers, gems and pompoms

Valentine’s Crafts: Craft #4 – “Stained Glass” Window Decorations 

The next set of Valentine’s crafts that P did was heart “stained glass” decorations for the windows. I cannot claim original thought on this project. I got the idea from this awesome site.

For this Valentine’s craft you will need construction paper, contact paper, and some tissue paper cut into small squares (or whatever shaper you choose.)

Cut out a heart and then another heart out of the inside to make a frame. Place the heart “frame” on some contact paper (sticky side up.) Have your child stick pieces of tissue paper inside of the heart however she’d like.

Heart stained glass window Valentine’s craft being created by toddler placing tissue paper squares inside of a hollow paper heart with contact paper

When she is done, place another piece of contact paper on top and cut around the edges, leaving a bit of a contact paper border so it sticks.

Hang on the window with double sided tape and enjoy!

Completed Valentine’s Craft - Stained Glass Heart

Note: P added some glitter to hers. If you choose to do this, make sure you go easy or your heart will have trouble sticking together.

These are just a few of the Valentine’s crafts we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with lately. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Here are the brushes and paints P loves so much!

What inside activities do you do with your littles to get through the cold winter months? I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a note below!


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