Christmas Activities For Toddlers

Now that P is a big two and a half years old and not a baby anymore, I am trying to include her in as many Christmas activities as possible.

Wrapping gifts is a great Christmas activity that kids of all ages can have a lot of fun with.

Last week she made old fashioned cinnamon ornaments all by herself (well…. mostly by herself…) The other day she wrapped up each and every one of them to give as gifts.  She picked a box out special for everyone. She also picked the tissue paper, the bow that would go on it and the tag she wanted to use. After gathering her supplies, she assembled the packages with very little assistance. Wrapping presents was a new Christmas activity for P and she did a great job! Because she made and packaged them herself, she is more excited to give them out. It’s nice to see her take pride in her work.

Winter can get long without having projects to keep busy with.

Lately I’ve been trying to think up some Christmas crafts for P to busy herself with.

Another Christmas activity that is a lot of fun is making simple child-created decorations for the home.

Today P made a Christmas tree decoration for her door and learned to use a glue stick. I cut out a tree, punched out some shapes, raided my craft stash and let her go to town. Paper crafts are a great Christmas activity for kids! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. P really enjoyed creating this tree for her door.

Learning new skills AND having fun!

In a couple weeks, we will be going up to my parent’s house where P, my mom and myself will make Christmas cookies.

I got her a little apron and some cookie cutters to open as an early Christmas present so that she can have her own stuff to use. One of my very favorite Christmas activities is decorating sugar cookies.

P really enjoyed decorating cookies last year, when she was only one and a half. I can’t wait to do it with her this year. I think she’s going to have a blast with this year’s Christmas baking.

December 2017, Decorating Christmas cookies at G’ma and Papa’s house

She loves helping in the kitchen.

P really enjoys helping me cook. One of her favorite things to make is “cereal that is warm and hot.” She pours in the measured ingredients and stirs the oatmeal while it cooks. When it’s ready, she adds brown sugar and raisins to her bowl from little ramekins that I have readied for her. It is a bit nerve racking to have her so near the stove but I keep an extremely vigilant eye. She knows to be very careful as she works.

Allowing her to take part in the preparation of her meal gets her excited for a healthy breakfast which makes for a very happy momma! On top of that, she’s learning life skills!

I’m really working on letting her do some things for herself. As much as I would like to pick out her outfits every day and do her hair as I see fit (and for certain occasions I do!) I have been letting her pick what she’d like to wear and choose how she would like her hair done. She often chooses a tutu to wear and a million assorted clips for her hair. It’s not always what I would choose but seeing her face beam with pride as she models her look in front of Daddy is priceless.

The thought of watching P this year as she shows off the presents she made and wrapped all by herself or the cookies she decorated warms my heart. It’s things like these that make me more excited for Christmas than ever before.

I hope you’re having a fantastic December! How do you include your little ones in your Christmas preparations? Comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas!


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