Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, we certainly did. P had a blast going to all the houses and various businesses that were giving out treats and getting more candy to put in her “special bag.” She had way too much sugar and was a little frightened of the children that chose to dress as monsters, goblins, ghouls and the like but this is all part of the holiday fun. Now that Halloween is over and the pumpkins have been carved, it’s time to make some roasted pumpkin seeds.

Did you know that you can roast the seeds from various winter squashes along with your pumpkin seeds?

They are just as delicious and add some variety with their differing sizes. has some great recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds.

It’s also fun to play around and make some of your own. See what you can come up with! Personally, I like a combination of sweet and salty flavors so I used their recipe for sweet and salty pumpkin seeds and added my own little twist.  I wanted to ramp up the spicy flavor a bit, so I infused the oil with some Tabasco peppers I grew. The little peppers pack quite a punch so I thought they’d be a great accent to the already spicy seeds. Boy, was I right! They were delicious!

Infusing your own oil is very easy and a lot of fun especially if you grew the peppers yourself! Tabasco peppers are really easy to grow and make a really attractive addition to your garden or balcony. I used olive oil to make mine but feel free to use any oil of your choice.

Hot Pepper Infused Oil

  • Slit the peppers lenghtwise to expose the seeds and the pith and drop them in a small pot of oil.
  • Gently heat the oil being careful not to scorch the peppers. You can also add red pepper flakes in with the peppers if you choose. Add more or less peppers depending on how hot you’d like the resulting oil to become. Don’t overthink it, you’ll be straining them out anyway.
  • Remove the oil from the heat.
  • I like to muddle the peppers at this point just to get as much capsaicin as possible into my oil.  This is certainly not necessary but it is something that I like to do.
  • Let the oil cool and store in a jar overnight. The longer you let your oil sit before straining, the spicier it will become.
  • Strain out the solids using a fine mesh metal strainer.

This pepper oil made THE BEST roasted pumpkin seeds!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in a Ball Jar

What are your favorite ways to roast pumpkin seeds? Do you like them spicy?

Find the recipe for my very favorite autumn treat here.

Happy Snacking!

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