Potty Training

The dreaded potty training…

Everyone has their opinion on potty training and many are more than happy to tell you how it should be done. There is so much pressure surrounding potty training your child. I’ve only done it once and don’t consider myself an expert on the topic; however, I did learn a few things throughout the process.

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First of all, RELAX.

You do not have to have your child potty trained by their second birthday or by whatever age your favorite nosey friend has suggested. It will happen when they are ready and you’ll save yourself and your child a great deal of grief if you just WAIT FOR IT. Here are some things I learned on our potty training journey and some potty training “must haves” that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Introduce a potty seat early on.

Buy a potty, talk about it, let her sit on it, etc. We got the Summer Infant My Size Potty and P loved it right away. It looks just like a regular toilet and even makes a real flushing noise. There is a spot in the back to hide a pack of wipes, which I found super helpful.

Let her get used to it but don’t force it.

P’s loves stickers so We got some for potty training rewards. If she used the potty, she could pick out some stickers. If not, no big deal – she was still pretty little.

One year old on potty seat reading

Place the potty seat wherever.

In the beginning, I cringed at the thought of having the potty seat in the living room. Just do it. It’s only temporary. If it’s someplace where they can constantly see it and they don’t have to go far to get to it, they are much more likely to use it. Here is the potty seat we used for potty training P.

Buy a couple nice waterproof mattress covers.

I really recommend going for quality here. The link below is for the ones we got for P and they are SO nice. They wash and dry so well and are so soft and not at all crinkly.

Spend some time at home and forgo pants.

This was another potty training method that I was NOT going to participate it! But… IT WORKS!

For a while we used pull-ups but we found that with a diaper on, she would just go in the diaper. I ended up switching to training pants. They come in lots of cute prints and P liked feeling like she was wearing big girl panties. However, she still was having quite a few accidents. I found that if I kept her completely bare on the bottom she was MUCH more likely to use the potty. She wore a lot of skirts and dresses and if we had to go out, I’d throw a pull-up on her and ask her often if she had to go.

Get yourself a car seat protector (or two!)

When she got so that she was using her potty all the time at home, I would put her in her training pants when we went out and use a car seat protector. This item is really high on my list of potty training must haves! Have you ever had to wash your car seat liner out by hand in the tub and let it air dry before using it again? Let me tell you, it only takes once! Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of these. They are inexpensive and make life SO much easier. Just throw them in the wash if there’s an accident. Bring a change of clothes along too of course – just in case.

Once P was potty trained, I was more than ready to get the potty out of the living room. I moved it to the bathroom and a few weeks later, bought the most amazing thing of all! This super terrific toilet seat!

I never knew a toilet seat could be so exciting! Let me tell you what! I love this thing!

It’s a regular toilet seat AND a little toilet seat in one! I also was sure to grab a couple stools – one for the toilet and one for the sink to give P as much independence as possible.

Whatever method you use, momma, try to relax. Potty training can be very stressful if you let it be. Don’t try to force it if your little one isn’t ready. Definitely encourage them! But, don’t drive yourself (and them) crazy over it. It’s simply not worth it. They will be successful in the end (and you will be too!)

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