Happy Planner

The Happy Planner is absolutely the best! Learn how to plan your life, exercise your creativity and maximize your productivity with the cutest planner ever!

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas. Ours was amazing. Christmas with a two and a half year old is pretty magical.

2 year old girl on a hand carved rocking horse in front of a Christmas treee
P on the rocking horse Papa Nash made her, Christmas 2018

Now that Christmas is over, it’s that time of year where people start thinking about New Years resolutions.

Never being a fan of New Years resolutions myself, I am a fan of organization! Organization and creativity and lists! There is nothing I love more than crossing things off a list. I like to make goals for myself and it helps me to write them down on real paper. Digital lists somehow just don’t do the same thing for me.

For Christmas this year I received a Happy Planner. Let me tell you guys, this thing is AMAZING! It’s the super fun, useful gift I didn’t even know I needed and now I’m in love.

There are many different covers and themes to choose from. I really like the looks of mine. There is a Happy Planner for every personality under the sun!

Fully customizable, the Happy Planner is every momma’s answer to keeping life organized!

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Please know that I would never recommend a product that I was not completely in love with and believed that you would be too!

Part planner, part scrapbook, the Happy Planner is the greatest way to start the new year. Keep yourself focused on your daily goals and ever changing schedule with fun stickers and inserts to feed your creativity.

Until this Christmas, I had never heard of a Happy Planner. This thing is so great! Apparently, there are whole online communities of people who do amazing and creative things with their Happy Planners! I’ve even heard of workshops where people get together to learn fun things to do with their planners.

Check out the blog, Me and My Big Ideas to see some really great ideas of ways you can build your planner and make it your own. They also have free printables that you can collect to personalize your Happy Planner even further!

There are tons of sticker packets that you can get to make your Happy Planner work for you. I got the Mom pack, the Quotes pack and the Productivity pack by Create 365. I am also super in love with the Fitness sticker pack and these awesome fitness stickers! They can all be found on Amazon by following the above links. These stickers are made specifically for Happy Planners. Of course, you can use any stickers you like.

It’s really easy to make inserts for your happy planner. I have made up a couple to go in mine already. All you need is some card stock and you’re good to go!

See Pinterest for tons of Happy Planner diy ideas!

Folder Insert

Teal and Floral Happy Planner Foleder Insert

Productivity Insert

Teal Happy Planner productivity insert with lined paper with pink floral trim

Dashboard Insert

Teal Happy Planner dashboard insert with pink floral trim and a floral top tab

There are many things you can use Happy Planner dashboards for. This would be great laminated so that you can add and remove stickers. Although, it works great for sticky notes and that is what I intend to use mine for.

Simple Bookmark

DIY Happy Planner Clip-in bookmark

Sticker Pages

Card stock with sheets of stickers punched into happy planner

Sticky Notes Page

I am very new to this whole Happy Planner thing and I’m just getting started, but take a peek at the beginning of my January planning. I’m so excited!!

Here’s the beginning of my year of organization! Isn’t it great? I just love stickers!!

First page of a Happy Planner monthly planning with stickers and important dates filled in

Me and My Big Ideas also has all of the accessories to go along with the Happy Planner if you want to browse or just buy directly from that site. You can also find many of the add-ins, sticky notes, stickers, stamps, etc. at stores like JoAnn, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. I am having such a blast with all of my new Happy Planner accessories that I thought I’d add some links below for your convenience. I’ll keep updating as I continue to collect more fun stuff!

You guys should really look into getting yourself a Happy Planner. This may be your key to success in the new year. Fill it with encouraging quotes and things that make you happy.

Don’t just make one resolution that you may or may not be able to stick to. Make a series of attainable goals that will get you where you want to be. Get organized this year and have some fun along the way!

Happy Planning!

P.S. These are the things I’ve accumulated so far. I can’t believe how much fun I’m having and how much more productive I’ve become!


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