Essential Items for Baby

When I was pregnant with P, I spent so much time trying to decide what I needed to have for her when arrived. Because I wanted everything to be perfect, I did tons of research. I spent endless hours on the computer searching for what to purchase for her. Because I was a new mom and had waited a lifetime for this moment, I wanted everything to be just right. Like many new moms, I probably spent too much energy on planning the ideal life with a newborn. That being said, there are a few items that I absolutely could not have survived those first few months without. So, I wanted to share with you these essential items for baby. Hopefully this will make your life with your new baby that much more wonderful.

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Please know that I would not recommend a product unless I was completely in love with it and believed that you would be too!

Essential Items for Baby: Item #1: Milkbarn organic muslin swaddle blankets and burp cloths.


Well, actually I made many of her blankets and was gifted a ton as well. I also made many of her burp cloths, which I do love. However, these Milkbarn items are at the top of my Essential Items for Baby list for a reason. Milkbarn makes tons of wonderful things for baby from bibs to blankets and everything in between. I’d’ve bought two of everything if I could have rationalized it. Their stuff is not cheap but it is WORTH IT! Everything washed up so nicely and is so super soft on that newborn baby skin! I brought P home from the hospital swaddled in a Milkbarn swaddle and she wouldn’t sleep any other way for the first couple months. They are so cute too! The colors are absolutely beautiful and they are covered in adorable art drawn by the founder’s very talented daughter. What’s more, they support a great cause – Exile International. If you’re interested to learn more about that, visit their website at

The following products represent the burp cloths and and swaddles I had for P. However, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of their line. Everything I’ve seen from them has been gorgeous. If it helps you to rationalize buying that beautiful stroller blanket or one of the adorable little loveys, just say you heard that you heard that they were one of the absolutely essential items for baby!

Essential Items for Baby: Item #2: Weleda Baby Diaper Rash Cream

I absolutely love this diaper rash cream! This cream is the only thing I would use on P’s newborn little bummy. It smells SO good and is super gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. This diaper cream is full of amazing ingredients including, beeswax, calendula flower extract, chamomile flower extract, clary sage oil, lavender oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, sesame seed oil, and sweet almond oil. It’s easy to see why it smells so great! And of course, it’s never tested on animals.

Essential Items for Baby: Item #3: Ergo Baby 360 Baby Carrier

I thought long and hard about this one. It was definitely a splurge item but I used some shower money for it and I’m SO glad I did.

This carrier was worth every penny and is most CERTAINLY one of the essential items for baby. I carried P everywhere in this thing! We went on vacations where we were walking all day and she was in this carrier. She would nap through grocery shopping and dinners out. It was AMAZING. Really, treat yourself. There are tons of carriers out there and this is admittedly one of the pricer ones but it was unbelievably comfortable. I really can’t recommend it enough.

Essential Items for Baby: Item #4: The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

I know, I know, your probably wondering why you would need another carrier. Stay with me here. I assure you, you do. I never would have survived without it.

The Baby K’tan fills a completely different need. While the Ergo is SUPER comfortable for long walks and grocery shopping trips, it is not so practical for around the house. The Baby K’tan is absolutely one of the essential items for baby if you plan on getting anything done at home! P lived in this thing when she was tiny and we were home. It soothed her in the same way that being swaddled and held did but allowed my hands to be free to get some chores done.

Essential Items for Baby: Item #5: The bouncer

I didn’t pay much attention when my mom told me that I needed to get one of these basic, old-school bouncers but there comes a time when baby’s fussy and you’ll try whatever. This bouncer doesn’t have any bells and whistles. It vibrates and that’s it. But boy, let me tell you! It was a lifesaver! When P was too antsy to be carried around in her K’tan, I would put her in this thing and take her around the house with me.

It’s amazing how much you can get done standing on one foot!

The other foot I would use to bounce, bounce, bounce little P to her heart’s content. She LOVED this thing! If she needed some help falling asleep, I would put her in this and bounce her little buns to dreamland. This was one of the essential items for baby that I had no idea I wanted but would not suggest anyone go without.

I actually found mine second hand for SUPER cheap but this is the same style I had for P.

These are just a few of the things I had when P was a tiny little bug and that I found to be worthy of the Essential Items for Baby list. Having a newborn is so much fun! Drop me a note below. I’d love to chat about it!


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