Felt Ball Garland DIY

I’m all about a homemade eclectic Christmas. No pre-packaged Christmas for me, thank you very much! I love handmade things and the nostalgia of items passed down over the years. My tree has always been full of color and sentiment and I love continuing this tradition with our little family.

What is more colorful and fun that a whimsical felt ball garland?!

This year after making our tree skirt, I decided that it would be fun to make a new garland for our tree. I believe the last one that was created for the Foley family tree was the popcorn garland that DH and I strung the first Christmas after we were married.

I’ll always remember the one we had growing up that my parents had made.

When we got married I insisted that we make a popcorn garland for our tree. I love the extra bit of nostalgia that it adds to our Christmas decor.

This year I decided to create a fun and colorful felt ball garland to add into the mix.

My first experience making felt balls was when I was pregnant with P.

I made her mobile out of homemade felt balls, a branch I found, some leather cord, and embroidery floss. I was completely in love with how it turned out. It really is pretty cool. Take a look!

Colorful felt ball and found branch hanging mobile

I have really been wanting to find another project to do with felt balls ever since. I knew a felt ball garland would be just the thing! If you’ve never made felt balls before, it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

Learn how to make a felt ball garland from wool roving.

Materials Needed

  • Wool Roving (The finer the roving is, the easier it is to work with. I highly recommend getting a good quality roving.) I got mine through Amazon from this provider.
  • A large bowl
  • Dishsoap
  • Coffee Decanter (Recommended to keep hot water. I did not do this the first time but it makes the process much faster if you don’t have to keep running back for more hot water.)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Various beads
  • Needle

Gather your materials.

When I started, I just used a bowl of hot water. It cooled rather quickly, so I decided to keep the hot water in a decanter and just pour over the bowl. This made the process much easier in my opinion, but you can do it either way.

Multicolored wool roving displayed with other materials to make felt balls

Pull or cut off a chunk of roving and spread it out. Put a couple drops of dish soap in the center.

Dishsoap dripped on pulled roving

Drip some water on the soap and tease it up gently in the middle, eventually wrapping the sides up over the top to make a ball.

Green roving coming together into a ball over a bowl of soapy water

VERY lightly roll the roving in your hands to make a ball.

Add more hot water as needed. Be patient. It takes a minute or so. As the ball starts to come together, you can add more pressure. Sometimes you may end up with  a “crack” in the ball. This can happen from adding too much pressure, too quickly.

Green felt ball with a crack over a ball of soapy water

If this happens, don’t worry. Just grab a little more roving to put around the outside of the ball.

Wrapping a small layer around ball to cover crack

Add some soap and a little water and VERY GENTLY roll the ball around in your hands. Patience is the key here. It will take a minute, just like the ball did in the first place. Add hot water as needed.


Cracked ball repaired and looking perfect

As the ball begins to become more firm, dunk in warm water and rinse.  Once it is at this point, you can squeeze the soap out as you rinse – just make sure that it is reformed into a nice ball before you set it aside to let dry.  I like to line up my felt balls to plan the order I want them in for my garland. Let the balls dry overnight.

Felt balls lined up in order desired for garland, extra roving displayed nearby

Once the balls have dried, string them with embroidery floss and drape them around your tree! I put beads in between the balls as I strung them and I really like how my felt ball garland turned out. Take a look!

Felt ball garland hanging on lit tree with other decorationsCheck out this post to learn about another diy decoration you can add to this year’s tree!

Happy decorating!


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